Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Woww..the mood for school reopen was bad..cause gonna rushed to school on time, study, do revision, assignment...bla bla bla The most unWelcome is the coming midterm..Marketing and Microeconomic.. ~Economic lecturer is old..about 70++ years old..However, the way he spoke got the Bangladesh slang..It's so hard for us to catch what he taught..Ohya, the best of his class is we can spend 40 minutes to crap around..know why??thats the time he used to take attendance..called out the name one by one 225+ students and the respondent must raise up hand say "yes" if he can't hear he will again get angry and scold..Then, marketing lecture is dull..the lecturer like to SS syok sendiri himself infront by questioning us but at the end he ownself answer..Attending his class is just like tutorial class, although there are no tutorial class for this subject..because the way he taught=discuss 6 chapter review question=ONE chapter=1++ hours..the chapter's content we got to self 'digest' it..So, what normally students do?? MEMORIZE blindly lo..

During the holidays i spent most of the time laying on the bed..sound great huh?! NOPE, i was sick..luckily not H1N1!!then, Saturday 8/8/09 i managed to visit the Touring Exhibition of Chia Hoy Sai's Artwork..i went there with shi ting..someone put me aeroplane!!The artwork was just few, not much..most of all the same picture repeating..However, there were a story behind on every picture he drew..only few pictures lured my attention..

how good if i can draw something like that...haha..

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