Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jolly Friday~

I went to Stadium Tun Fatimah yesterday..Firstly, my sister and I were planning to jogging there but ended up we play at the small playground~with my niece too..When we were playing the seesaw, swing and slide, we[my sis n me] were no longer like 19 or 14 years old kids then..hehe..Every equipment at the playground we played and my sister shout like hell when i pushed her at the swing..

Then, at night, byoke-vicky-mei wei-me went to MITC BOWPLEX..Unfortunately, the centre closed due to the next day is "Majilis Perasmian" something like that..So, we headed to Mori yum cha..4 of us were having mini girl's talk crap there..

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