Monday, June 25, 2012

KhunThai Restaurant,Penang

I was there dinner during my Penang trip with my friends. He introduced and brought us to this Khunthai restaurant. There is another branch of this restaurant out of the Penang island at Butterworth(Bukit Mertajam). But, if we want to go there we have to take ferry across. So, we picked the one in island, but it is not near though. We actually took an hour car rides to reach from the Penang's town area. Anyway, it's worthwhile journey:))
The restaurant is near to the beach or i should say we dine on the beach?!How romantic isn't it?Is perfect for all kind of gathering with friends,family or dating there.Besides that, there are also some small gadgets built for the customer's entertainment/decoration. One of those i like is the swing on a tree.

Picture take by my friend:)) 
Beautiful scene...
with sista Viki ❤
   Done with the humanity's picture,here comes the foods moment.
I would highly recommend the "white tomyam soup". I bet after the first sip of the soup, you will not stop scooping it. It will be addicted to those who love tomyam very much but cannot bear with hot and spicy(usually tomyam comes in very reddish look and a layer of "red oil" coated.). You will have no worries to this because it taste in combination of little spiciness with highly tomyam sourness.*GULP*

Deepfried Prawns,Deepfried Squid, and the white tomyam:))

Total dishes we ordered!*spot the tomyamm again..gulp gulp*
US with the foods.
I will go back to this restaurant again on next visits to Penang!Hopefully can make it with my beloved family:))

Khuntai Thai Food Restaurant
1052, Mukim 9, Pasir Belanda, 
Teluk Kumbar, 11920 Penang
N5 17.236 E100 13.419

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