Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I am almost done for my final exam.. There is one more subject to go,then i am FREE!Although i will be feeling free, but it doesn't mean i don't worry for the result.There are still worried while awaiting for the result:( God bless me!
Finally, i had the time to step in cinema again after so long. There are few reasons i do not go in cinema so often because...1st,the movie is not attracting me >.< 2nd, the movie attracting me,but comments from others that's not worth to watch :-( 3rd, movie is attracting me,i feel it's worth to watch but nobody accompany me T_T 4th, financial problem!LMAO... This time i invested RM10 for the latest Hong Kong series, ALL WELL ENDS WELL. I rated the movie for 9 out of 10!I would say i was laughing through out the movie until the end. It is ended with a very romantic scenes with the scripts. I love it much,so sweet. The movie is more on Valentine's day rather than Chinese New Year.
the movie that used up my full energy to laugh =D
the gang that accompany me Laugh Out Loud in the cinema <3
Actually, we had recharge ourselves earlier before we got the energy to laugh!We went to the new opening Domino Pizza in Malacca. I guess residents in Malacca will be excited on it since the famed Pizza is available.Soon, malacca will be upgraded as modern as kuala lumpur already?!We should draeam Big,agree?! ^.<
u'll get one online voucher if the delivery late for 30minits to reach ur house!
what i can see is 31% discount!!haha
workers are kinda free heh?!

our order is reached
Seafood delight Pizza (large)  Rate: 7/10
Classified Chicken Pizza. Rate:10/10 (coz i luv the cheesy)
Banana Kaya Dessert. Rate:10/10 (if u think this will taste very sweet then u're wrong!A-must-to-try)
Finally....nom nom...

Satisfied for the pizza :)
we fall in love to Domino <3
here's the bill =)
Domino pizza is unlikely Pizza hut. Once get in Domino Pizza, we have to get a place to settle down,however, another one queue up to take order at the counter. While ordering, our identity is keying down(names,hp number). then,we pay the bill. Waiting for the food at our seats, and the waiters will be serving your orders by confirming with your names and etc. On the other hand, Pizza Hut is much easier that we just have to walk in and get a place that you like, then stick your butt on the seat. Press the bell on the table to notify the waiters and take order. Foods reached, then nom nom and pay bill at the end.Which way you like?Depends on which pizza you choose for... =D

group picture before we left <3
I went to loitering around at Jonker street on the night. It's kinda late i reached there, so there are not so congested. Super hate it when i have to ''squeeze'' with people.
still with CNY decoration...
spot it!!the flower is folded by underwear....creative huh??!!specially for Vday
melody and I
cute eggy's shape ice to ease our thirst
3 of us,proud with the eggy's shape ice <3
san san n me <3
Satay Celup for supper at the midnight!!fat me

Another delightful day that i have with my friends, how about you?

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