Saturday, October 17, 2009

This so called "Coffee Wine" make me drunk yesterday night..just make me a bit dizzy la..haha!!However, i felt sleepy after finishing 1/3 cup only..The smell was just alike coffee then the taste was sweet+mint+bitter.. It will be drunk by slowly..This wine mostly consume by girl/lady/aunty=FEMALE..hehe.. My cousin was keeping refilled for me then i was kept replying with same word NO..ok,i got to surrender when comes to this alcohol stuff.. d=

This was the "Wisky" for most of the boy/man/uncle=MALE for my family's rule XD ...It's tasted bitter i guess..i forgot because i tried once last time not yesterday!!This is easier to get drunk compare to the previous one!!i just google this photo because i forgot to take the picture yesterday..i'm in the "aunties" gang...

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