Thursday, October 8, 2009

last day of exam...

wow...finally, the end of the last paper..However,i got a feeling that i will need to take SUPP~isshh..anyway,i'm ready for the matter how is it,i need to face it too..i should face the problem rather than avoid the problem!!
After the exam, my friends and i went for Mori to celebrate Ivy's birthday which is fall on 9/10/09[friday]..I'm the one who incharge cake and i did a stupid mistake..i kept the cake in my car for 3 hours that was after my exam time..OMG..By the time i looked at the cake i was stunned...i don't know how to describe the's melt..i'm so sorry to Ivy..*haiz..*

After a mini celebration, we went for movie..*SORORITY ROW* there were only 12 people in the cinema..i guess..

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