Thursday, July 23, 2009

where 'U' go....

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 7 7......
owh no~another PRAWN gone today..Yesterday, i found that two prawnie disappeared..i can't even find their "dead body"?!..It's totally vanish..i was searching everywhere around the table which i placed the prawn...can't find it~Then, i asked every person in the by one about my prawn..Their response:-

Dad:"don't know la..i didn't touch your prawn!!"

My niece[8 yrs old]:"*innocent look* jie jie jennifer, i didn't touch, i just looked at them..only looked at touching...bla bla bla"

Mum:"*evil smile* i cook it just now..don't you 'bite' it when u makan ur the vege?"

me:"omg, mum, are you serious??!no kidding pls...."

Mum:"no la...ur prawn is so tiny u think can makan meh.."

me:"lol...not funny"

Sis:"huh?lost two prawn??hahaha...finally ur prawn die..*counting the date* only one week plus..hahaha"

me:"hey..don't u feel weird meh..if die,at least i can see their 'body' floating ma..but now i totally can't find the two prawnssss..."

Sis:*silent*-ignore me-
wondering where's the two prawnnie gone??????


  1. your prawns dun want you lah...
    u sure abuse thm loh...hahahahaha

  2. i didn't bully 5 left!!!haiz...

  3. still have 5 then very gd liao lo...hahaha