Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pulasan .vs. Rambutan

During the fruit season in the middle of year, mostly, people will haunt for durians including my mum..her favourite~Besides that, during this season we can easily get some other fruits like rambutan,langsat...However, my sis and i will haunt for mangosteen..our favourite~hehe..Actually, i don't really like rambutan because it will cause my voice turn up to be "sexy"[sorethroat lo..>.<]..Today, my dad's friend gave a bag of fruits which looks like rambutan as i thought(in my mind was like "oh no,it's gonna 'ruin' my throat again.."),but my dad told me thats called PULASAN not rambutan.. O.o

The taste of this two fruit is kinda same..but i prefer rambutan which is more i tried the pulasan it's just a mild sweet...The different part is their physical look..The rambutan is look like more hairy compared to pulasan is some sort of tiny soft thorns... then, between the flesh and seed can be easily seperated..unlikely rambutan is easily come off with the seed...Ohya, i heard from my dad's friend said that pulasan will not cause,i still don't really like it!!However, my parents were like it so much..owh~seems like next year target will be pulasan then...goodbye, Rambutan =D

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