Monday, January 16, 2012

Dragon Year 2012!

The CNY decoration! CNY mode is super ON!
Such a long time i abandoned the bloggie since end of last year due to the hectic life i had nowadays?!(trying to find reason for myself LOL) 

Last year, i had busying to my studies,assignments, and clubs event!Club's event?Something new to me as that was the first time in my uni life to hold a position to organise an activity for a club. Mostly, i used to be an ordinary working committee to help up event, but someday one of my friend introduce me to enter a club name Cyberpreneurship Club.At the moment, the club was looking for top board committees for the club. I did consider it for few days whether should i participate for the interview because i expected it will be a busy busy days if i'm asked to organise an event. I know myself well that i'm not a good time management person. At last, i decided to join when the sentence pop up in my mind "why not give urself a try?Once in a life time in Uni life.." Surprisingly, i got an unexpected position in the club as a Treasurer!(i was like OMG u guys just risk ur club for me to hold that position O.o) Then, i started to involve to the club in meeting, meeting and MEETING! After that, i being appointed to hold an event director. Ok, this even super NEW to me. I kind of worry this and that...questioning here and there to seniors(i guess they were frustrated by me,sorry!>.<) Anyway, the event still in progress, PRAY HARD that it will turn up to work smoothly.
Then, here come the Chinese New Year preparation. Cookies baking, clothes, house decoration, cleaning the house... there are tonnes of stuff to get done. I have not finish buying my CNY's clothes yet haven't started to shop?  Moreover, malacca is lack of shopping mall to shop!!! Even i step in to the boutique, i will clueless what style should i dress up!!*dizzy dizzy*

On the other hand, my final exam is reaching very soon just after CNY!What a life!How to blend in study mode during CNY celebration!That will not be an enjoyable days tho... 

Work hard and pray hard is what i can do...

Quote of the day:-

“A lot of people want a shortcut. I find the best shortcut is the long way, which is basically two words: work hard.”
― Randy Pausch

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