Friday, September 16, 2011

Meaningful's letter♥

A letter from my friend!I was shocked when i first received it because my birthday was few months back already. After recalling back to the day she gave me birthday pressie, i remebered she had saying that she will made a special birthday's card for me, and she kept her promise today!teehee.But, i can't believe she actually posted it to my house rather than pass it to me!What a surprising day!From the picture,it looks ordinary...Hey,don't judge a book by it's cover. The mystery over the cover is still a guess and unknown!confuse?I'll reveal the story after my FINAL EXAM!:C

Recently, I was damn hardworking revising my notes for the sake of final exam on comings week. Coming two weeks will be a tough one. Wish me lucks,peeps!!!! i'll be back once i end my last subject!!Aza aza~fight fight!!!:D

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