Saturday, July 30, 2011

When July is coming to the end...

I spent the month of July contentedly. Every minutes and seconds being fully utilised because there were no excuses for me to take a halt. In my daily diary, it had been fully noted the due dates to rush, the midterm's exam to study, the clubs activity that i had to attend as well as the gathering. Awww~the hated part was the examss and due dates for the assginment!!However, the loving part was the gathering!!hehe!

The gathering was located at The Big Mouth, Melaka Raya. As usual, shi ting, lydia and me were the gathering members. I'm the one who suggested this place as i saw my friend's foods photo album from the big mouth was so tempting, and it had lured my attention. Of course, the main purpose of the gathering was still the gossips update session!hehah~

Can't believe that three of us had spent 5 hours gossip and playing around there!We actually refresh tonnes of past memories and related it back to recent's happened!!It's incredible us!:)) I super love the feelings, and we always demand for more times to continue our chit chat. Our next plan will be pillow talks at one of us's house!Hopefully. it's work someday!

The main course of the day from us!!We had seafood spaghetti ordered by Lydia, English Chicken Chop with vege and ham filled(i forgot theexact name) ordered by me, and Cheesie Chicken Chop by shi ting. I'm satisfied with my dish, but it's kinda big portion for two person!Though the meat was kind of rough, but it's rolled with the fillings had made the balancing. Yummy!(if it's come with barbeque sauce maybe better.)I tried spaghetti, and i personally felt that it's kind of unlike spaghetti but more on fried mee!No doubts,the taste was not bad!Cheesie chicken chop was normal with the cheesie taste, and i betted cheesie lover would like it!

Next, we had our desserts fiesta!!That's also one of the reason we had staying there for 5 hours!From left Chocolate cake, Blueberry mille crepe and Butter, bread pudding with vanilla ice-cream. Overall the dessert simply sweeten our taste bud and even level up our energy for more gossips!

Here's the picture described the facial expression of our gossips!

See the arrow pointed to the some kind house shape???
Let's the video do the explanation!!

Thanks Lydia for directing and producing the video!*big round applause*

Amount we paid for the 5 hours!!:))

Next, last Saturday(23 July 2011) i went to Multimedia University in Cyberjaya campus for a seminar. The seminar organised to all the clubs and societies for the sake of giving to president, secretary as well as treasurer a guide on learning their roles well!Is a fruitful day for me as i learn some new stuff that i may not be know if i didn't join the club!Thanks for giving me a chance to hold the position and learn!:))
a picture stole from lydia's blog!!ngek ngek
In cyber, we never missed out an opportunity to sneak out from the seminar to wandering around the campus.(actually, the seminar dismissed ealier.) Unluckily, we never manage to go around the whole campus as the compound was huge!Anyway, we did enjoy visting around by non-stop "whoa..whoa-ing O.O" the area we went through!Yes, we love the library more!We were like non-stop comparing the size between melaka campus to cyber campus!Again, we like "why we don't choose cyber campus huh!" 

Next, my recently gathering was celebrated huikim's birthday at Chatpoint cafe. There's the bunch of us gathered at the cafe!:)) We enjoyed the night very much!

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