Saturday, June 4, 2011

Worth reading!

One of the midday,i was surfing the innit nuffnang to get interesting post to read. One of the blogger i hited, and her latest post had lured my attention. She was recommending a book to read entitle "for that day" by author name Low Kay Hwa. By that time, she(noob me,forgot about which blog is her!soli..) was saying she bought with a reasonable price from book fair,and nothing synopsis being told or disclosing by the post. I was no intention to further searching further information about the books too though the title and name of author is clearly shown. After few days,coincidently, i clicked in her blog for second times and this time i saw she updated new post regarding to the book!The quotes that she quoted out and shared in her blog had giving me a big loads of interest on reading the book. Then, i started to surf for the information about it, and i even read his background as well as profile of the author.

Realising, he is a novelist from Singapore. Moreover, most of his books only available in Singapore(too bad for me). Somehow, he had uploaded his part of the books online(/ebook) for free reading so that it's attracting people to double consider on worth investing of it?He had published few books and among of it i read one of his book entitle "I believe you"! It is a fiction/novel category of story about.(my all time favorite's category books to be first picked!however,only specific non-fiction category books will fascinate me if there's a need to read cause they are "soporific" category for ME!make me snor longer only).I love reading, and if i grab a book that caught me interest very much i could spend all the time with it without blurting a word out for the day. Thats ME!

After reading the book, it gave me kind of mixed feelings. Sweet,bitter,sour explained the "ingredients" of my mixed feelings.When there's climax, i sped up my scanning to the words. However, when i slow down the speed for some parts of story, it makes my eyes frame watery!A good story that touching me.I will keep reading more of his books.

I was lucky enough to get the full version of ebook so that i no need to hanging halfway reading it.(the author only upload half of the book online.)Mostly, full story of the book has to be purchased or subscribe online with SG dollar. I have not yet search for his book from bookstore, so i have no idea whether he's book is available in Malaysia or not.Gonna drop by MPH/Popular some other day.HERE is the link to get more!
Have a good night, peeps :)


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  2. You could try the link below to the author's Facebook fan page. Just tell him that you're a Malaysian and wanted to buy his book. He will teach you what to do in order to get the book.!/lowkayhwa

    Actually previously, the books are sold in Malaysia too. But the sales doesn't hit the target. So, they stop the operation in Malaysia.

    p/s: never notice there's some typo error. so i deleted the previous comment. Read To forget you by Low kay Hwa as well. I cried the throughout the entire of the chapter.

  3. memories:noted!thank you so much!XD